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UnvealAfrobeats The Unveal Review Podcast - S2 E2: Dear Artist (Producers Edition)


S2 E2: Dear Artiste (Producers Edition) Hosts: Excel & Melody Hassan Talking Points: As a music producer, the payment you get is for your time not really the beat. Royalty is for creativity. There is a 50% fixed publishing royalties all over the world. The advance you get on the beats is for your time and energy. One of the producers discussed issues they face when working with artists in situations when there was negligence to do certain things. If a song is released and the split sheet was not signed you need to get a lawyer. For everything you don’t know someone is ready to make it a stream of income. You have to read whatever about publishing concerning the country involved. COSON is the collecting society for copyrights in Nigeria. Interpolation is when a producer cannot get approval to use a sample so they record elements of the music such as melody and lyrics without u

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