Hip-Hop The Results Of K-Dot's Barz Vol 1.5

TDE's Kendrick Lamar verse shook Hip-Hop, trash rappers, OG's like Prodigy, and his rap comrades. Maybe his bars-or-barz on Big Sean's "Control" will hopefully cause you trash-for-the-moment-same flow rappers to get back to the art of "lyricism" and grasp "quality over quantity". Hip-Hop was built on lyricism/competition and most rappers say they wish the 90's Hip-Hop would come back. Yeah fucking right. Most of you ni**as wouldn't last a few days in that era. TDE and K-Dot aren't taking any L's. Get out the booth if you scared of competition - @TM_305

  • Runtime: 38 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: August 14, 2013