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Ty Rider Let Go

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Ty Rider

Follow me on IG for more drops and updates. "Most generic song, but in a good way" Lemme drop this right here tho Hook/Chorus I just got that ice on the road yeah yeah, got my 30 and I keep it on go. I just had to get it on my own yea, nah I ain't have no help I just can't let go Verse I just wanna be successful, life is hard as hell this shit really getting stressful, so please wish me well, sometimes I just wanna fly away, wanna leave this world, but I got a niece that love me so I'm tryna change the world. Change it for the better, better. We can come together. We can beat the weather. Put it in a letter. So you get the message. been a go getter. I'm a heavy hitter. Never been a quitter. Bridge I got a dash to the bag, I need a lot of that cash, moving I'm moving too fast, forever forever gone last, I will never come in last, shit I c

  • Producer: LyfeTheParty
  • Album: FRE3THNKRS
  • Release Date: