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Tydal Kamau Mission Incomplete


Any astute listener of Tydal’s new album, Mission Incomplete, can quickly assess that, regardless of what the mission may be and why it remains incomplete, it is certainly not the artist’s talent that is lacking. With over a decade of experience as a singer and songwriter, Tydal, born Navardo Graham, has developed into a versatile and mature artist with a positive message, strong songwriting skills, and unique baritone vocals. Although this is Graham’s first full-length album, he previously released a mixtape, Weh Dem A Guh Seh, in 2011 and an EP, Journey Of A Young Warrior, in the spring of 2014, both of which contained multiple tracks that can also be found on the Mission Incomplete album.

  • Runtime: 71 minutes, 19 songs
  • Release Date:

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