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Trip Rexx Kurt Cobain

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Trip Rexx

LA-based rapper Trip Rexx is back with a melodic and melancholic new single that’s title pays homage to 90s rock legend Kurt Cobain. Yet another collab with Grammy-nominated producer Rey Reel, the duo cooked up an electric an emotional sound together in Rey’s Utah studio, with Rexx somberly sliding thru the hook and bringing his signature rap style to the verses, all over Reel’s huge production. In his lyrics, Trip describes his hesitancy to get too close to people, his reliance on substances to keep his cool, and not wanting to go out like the song’s namesake. All together, the ingredients make for a ballad thats somehow also a banger!

  • Album: Blue Planet
  • Release Date:
  • ℗ Triiiangle / Create Music Group