Trill Xoe How to Act


Trill Xoe

Much like a lot PsychoYP's recent hits, 'How to Act' is a fast-paced and immediately catchy song that proves that the young Nigerian talent's innate ability to spin modern Nigerian experiences into hip-hop, all while managing to retain replay value. His verse is fast, catchy, and is bound to leave you bopping head as you cruise past line after line. Teaming up with PsychoYP, is Alpha Ojini who compliments psycho's verse with an equally powerful guest verse. The production immediately pulls you in with piano keys and high strings, before drums drop in as PsychoYP starts his verse. Such exemplary production is the only thing that enables both assailants on the track to kill it the way they do.

  • Producer: Trill Xoe & Jxses
  • Release Date: July 28, 2020