Trevi Mula featuring Cyril On My Mind

  • Feat. Cyril

Trevi Mula

"On my mind" is a beautiful modern afrobeat song from the fastest rising star here in Ghana, Trevi Mula featuring Cyril on this tune with an instrumental that travels directly into your soul. It has an unforgettable saxophone melody that will put you in a good mood immediately. The beat carries a soothing pad and some modern vocal chops that compliments the rich African drum and percussions that will urge you to dance and intriguingly also make you feel relaxed at the same time. The song basically talks about the excitement, fun and happy moments the singer experiences whenever he's with his friends. It also talks about a lover constantly being on his mind and interestingly the music does just that. On my mind is definitely a song about to break boundaries around the globe!

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