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Traidmarc The Epilog (Deluxe Version)


Plagued with tribulations from birth - including spending time behind bars at a notorious Atlanta Correctional Facility, a near miss with death in 2000, and several feuds from family and business counterparts - Traidmarc was at risk of losing his freedom, credibility and even worse, his life. But his perils have given him clarity, and The Epilog encompasses a deep sense of redemption, self purge, brutal honesty with haunting lyrics, harrowing keys and stands to be arguably his best effort to date. Sources say that this is his magnum opus. Embodied with choir strings, soft and slow landing snare and bottom heavy kick drum and dirty smooth Motown bass, The Epilog exudes the robustness of true Hip Hop soul poised with sincerity, vulnerability and believability.

  • Runtime: 106 minutes, 24 songs
  • Release Date: