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Tosin Koyi Afini M'ọna


Tosin Koyi

Aren’t we all on a journey? Don’t we all get to the point where yes or otherwise are the only available options? Ever wonder if rather than when, why over how, give or take, to sit or to walk, it all requires a decision. Some will love to prove to others while some else just have scores to settle with themselves. Bottom line is, don’t we all need some direction, the next step to take, the next word to say. Life could be filled with moments like this that a decision could alter everything we term going-concern. Sometimes, we freeze in indecision and just wish time will choose, maybe lay the burden on someone else and let chance rule. I recognise this feeling, this path, this mountain and yes, I am grateful for the opportunity to encounter and experience Wisdom at the crossroads of life.

  • Producer: Silky
  • Album: Afini M'ọna - Single
  • Release Date: