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2nd Generation Wu New Generation (Remix)


Tommy Boy Ent.

With Hip Hop dominating the charts and airwaves around the world, it seems everyday there are new artists popping up who are helping to push the genre to new heights. At the end of the last decade, a new group emerged from the shadows, with Hip Hop in their genes and swagger in their bones, ready to show the world what they are made of. Born into the scene and following in the footsteps of their trend-setting, chart-topping, legendary parents, 2nd Generation Wu official launched in 2019 with their single, “7.O.D.”, instantly grabbing the attention of Hip Hop heads and tastemakers around the world. Lead by iNTeLL and PXWER, both progeny of the Wu-Tang Clan, the new collective is ready to bring things back to basics and inject some much needed realness into the ever-changing Hip Hop landsca

  • Producer: YODI
  • Album: New Generation (Remix) [feat. Method Man]
  • Release Date: