CHYLD Bedtime (sad face. Remix)

  • Feat. Drowsy
  • Album: Bedtime (feat. Drowsy) [Remixes]

Tommy Boy Ent.

Boston based singer and multi-instrumentalist CHYLD brought some major variety to his January single “Bedtime” with a slew of remixes from Brett and Butter, nÜ nÜ, Matheïs, and sad face. CHYLD has also included an acoustic version of the single. These remixes help to bring the already bubbling bop in a new direction, with nÜ nÜ bringing an upbeat and rhythmic feel, Brett and Butter’s introducing a very danceable take on the original, and sad face bringing a slower, groove heavy take on it. Matheïs’ remix, with its bright synths and heavy drums, helps tie everything together. Each song on the package provides a distinct sound while also staying true to the essence of what makes the original great.

  • Producer: sad face.
  • Album: Bedtime (feat. Drowsy) [Remixes]
  • Release Date: April 30, 2020