CHYLD & Mickey Darling ANTIDOTE

  • Album: ANTIDOTE

Tommy Boy Ent.

Hot on the heels of the remix pack for his single, “Bedtime”, Boston based singer and multi-instrumentalist CHYLD is back with his latest tune, “ANTIDOTE”, featuring dynamic indie pop-duo, Mickey Darling. Coming together to create a vibrant, retro-inspired jam, “ANTIDOTE”, showcases a unique balance of CHYLD’s stand-out melodies and melancholic lyrics infused with Mickey Darling’s electric and undeniable vibes, creating a Bedroom-Pop sensation. The song captures the complexities of relationship struggles while playing around with the idea of a “not so serious” sound. With the songs playful synths and upbeat energy, this colorful bop is perfect for dancing with friends or dancing alone, no skills needed.

  • Producer: CHYLD
  • Album: ANTIDOTE
  • Release Date: May 15, 2020