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The Year Long Evergreen

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Starting in late 2016, indie-pop singer-songwriter, Benjamin Reynolds, began making music as The Year Long. With influences such as Bon Iver, The 1975, and Panic! At The Disco, you can always expect eclectic lyrics, music, and rhythm from this born and raised resident of Anchorage, Alaska. After spending most of his time behind the glass for numerous bands in Seattle, Washington, ​and Anchorage, Alaska, Benjamin started The Year Long as a challenge to create his own music. After the release of The Year Long’s first major single “Give Me Your Love,” Benjamin collaborated with fellow TMP Records artist, DASHII, to create the hard and heavy electro tune “See Me Through.” Currently, The Year Long and TMP Records are preparing the latest single “Evergreen” which is an intense look at love and relationship that goes deeper than physical attraction.

  • Producer: The Year Long / Emmanuel Hernandez
  • Album: Evergreen
  • Release Date: