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ThroatChopU TMB x Madden Miles Presents Hathadays

Last November Wisconsin beat maker Madden Miles and teamed up to drop A Beat For You, The Donny Hathaway Beat Tape. Recently we took some of those beats and shared it with three up and coming fresh emcees; SigNif from NYC by way of Milwaukee, e.d.g.e. from Vancouver and JohnNY U. of NYC. The result is Hathadays, which includes three short verses and a few unused beats on the 11 minute EP. 1. Loopty Loops 2. Dynamite feat. SigNif 3. Love = Evol 4. Syndication feat. e.d.g.e. 5. Donny (Interlude) feat. Donny Hathaway 6. The Self Assessment feat. JohnNY U. 7. OutTakes feat. Jesse Jackson

  • Runtime: 11 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: