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Thousand Story Monty's Story // TSP013


Thousand Story

Subtle, Soulection & Unnecessarily Suave: This is Monty. Creative mind, manager, entrepreneur, Kingdom Hearts lover & avid pescatarian... The words to describe Montalis Anglade are endless. But how did he get there? From startup tech companies to the foundations of indie music platform, Soulection, Monty takes us through his story; what it was like growing up in his world, the importance of communication, and how a book on Purple Cows changed his perception of marketing + more. Monty > Subtle > Soulection > More Info > Twitter > Instagram > Discover The Creators: @mrnajiboy • @elpontillo (Twitter + IG) Send us questions or bits of advice on the site ( or hit us up over Twitter/Instagram!

  • Producer: Thousand Story
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