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The Underground Bro's


You would have thought some poor soul had, or was approaching the crossroads. How can you mourn a triumphant exit? How can sadness be present at the “going away party” for a victim of WAR? He Fuckin Escaped, SUCCESSFULLY, to an atmosphere that cannot be described as anything but Heaven taking in consideration the atmosphere in the place of origin. If You Do Not Know Yet, 234 Is A Hub For Would Be Refugees. Yes We Miss Our Folk, But The High That Comes With That Misery Is Nothing Compared To The Elated Feeling Of Seeing The Ones You Root For Escape Enemy Territory. This For My Finessas; Gramps, AlejandroSosa, Tonian, Freezy, OG Day & All My Brothers Who Left Before Becoming Victims To Corruption, Illiteracy, Nepotism, Incompetence & Ineptitude. Never Leave my Brothers- Frankie Roundtree

  • Producer: Dj Casper
  • Album: TBD
  • Release Date: