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The Underachievers Evermore: The Art of Duality

The Underachievers

Evermore - The Art of Duality is a double-edged sword of an album structurally with an ethereal and positive A-side backed with a dark, more contradicting and energetic B-side. The difference could be described as day and night with the help of production from Nick Léon, Ashton Benz and Mr Brist0l to name a few. AK The Savior and Issa Gold get more personal than anything they have done in the past and perfected their own unique style of rapid machine gun funk cadences that would make B.I.G. proud. On "Illusions" Issa raps "Yes I'm saying, yeah I'm conscious but still need saving, a work in training, but I'm not like these other basics" conveying a sense of both confidence and flaw that is the summation of what this album is all about. Release Date: Sept 25, 2015

  • Runtime: 56 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: