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The Tribe UG Tales from the Playbook


The Tribe UG

On episode 7, we host the multitalented rapper Play01 who shares the good, the bad and the ugly of his journey in the UG Hip-Hop game as a producer, battle rapper and a rap artist building a brand. He sheds a light on different eras and generations of UG Hip-Hop, and the roles these different eras play(ed) in not only building the game but also creating a gap in the industry. The Jinja Bred rapper also shares details about his upcoming album "A.U.R.A" (A Ugandan Rap Album) and when we should expect it. Oh, let's not forget his fire freestyle rap intros and outros 🔥🔥🔥.....Enjoy!

  • Producer: Skyline Media & Grey Point Medcia & LNF Undispudted
  • Album: The Tribe UG Podcast (Season 1)
  • Release Date: