The Renegade Podcast "Omah Lay's presence needs work but global star status eminent" | S2E4

  • Feat. Omah Lay

Gina Madu, 1/3 of the Renegade Podcast trio (with Dro Ameh and Kaycee Oguejiofor) makes a special with a group of friends in school talking about Omah Lay and his growth, especially outside the African continent. Gina Madu has just relocated to talk for studies as the trio re-align to begin to record remotely of The Renegade Podcast,l she got down to work and got friends together to talk about their fandomship for Afrobeats star Omah Lay from far away in Turkey. A Renegade Podcast special.

  • Producer: Dro Ameh & BAS Pod Bay!
  • Release Date: