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Ogechi AphroPhunkaDelic

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On Ogechi's fourth EP, and most sonically cohesive project yet, she truly puts her songwriting skills to the test and successfully pens some of the most uplifting, inspirational and downright funky dance music that the world may ever hear. Ogechi is known for reporting on, analyzing, or critiquing the inconsistencies and oppressions of the world around her all while working to find solutions to the various problems and issues she/we face daily. On this project however, she didn't want people to solely focus on the woes of life, instead she intended on putting together a work of art that could bring joy to everyone who would come in contact with it. And thus, AphroPhunkaDelic was born. The energy on AphroPhunkaDelic is electric. The project is genre-defying, and pushes the boundaries on everything that music can do for us in today's post-modern world. The only way I can describe A

  • Runtime: 15 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date:

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