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Cavie & E.D.I. Don Zoned Out


Enjoy Day #11 as Caviar Secret Specialist gives you an early weekend present this that next song folks will shout out "This The Joint." "Zoned Out" is the eleventh single from the upcoming Caviar Secret Specialist production showcase project "Blessed and Highly Flavored." The album features original cuts featuring some of the best-known voices in music as well as introducing the next round of breaking artists and songwriters from the Kannon Ent. camp. Caviar's catalog includes credits with Aaliyah, Timbaland & Magoo, Ice Cube, T.I., Cee Lo Green and a plethora of other current household names, this 20 song journey, gives a peek at what's on this creative's mind.

  • Producer: Caviar Secret Specialist
  • Album: Blessed & Highly Flavored
  • Release Date: