The Casey Crew Podcast Episode 194: You’re Bad For My Mental Health..


Ladies, would you agree that social media culture and the internet combined have created a stigma on the way a women’s body should look in this day and time? Envy introduces the topic by telling Gia a story about a young girl who took raunchy photos to send to older men for money. This conversation evolved into another that posed the question, Do you feel as though women who take explicit pictures showing off their bodies are seeking attention or just simply asserting their confidence? Fellas, what’s your take on women who do this? Do they come off as thirsty to you? Envy and Gia share their opinions on the situation. The conversation continued with them sharing a recent occurrence involving Brooklyn. We all know that she is the boss of the house, but she broke the #1 rule, to never lie... During that exact moment of the story being told by Envy, a live teachable moment of Logan getting in trouble is recorded...Tune in to see how both situations were handled... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of three emails... 1.) The first emailer asks the question, “How can I tell if he is into me or not?” Do you feel as though communication by way of technology can stand in the way of human connection and ultimately the human experience? 2.) This emailer is upset that her husband gained some extra weight during quarantine and, as a result, sex is no longer sexy. She asks for different ways to communicate that to her spouse without hurting his feelings. Envy and Gia have different approaches that they suggest may help. 3.) How do you feel about working at the same job with your spouse? Can more time together be considered TOO much time together? This emailer shared that she performed her household duties such as cooking and cleaning while being laid off during COVID, yet her husband still complained that she waz lazy and needed to get a job. Tune in to see how she tried to resolve the problem and why it didn’t work... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣

  • Release Date: March 26, 2021

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