No Condom Podcast Episode 3: Being a Black Man in America - The Big Debacle

The No Condom Podcast is meant to bring multiple people together for a raw, unfiltered conversation around topics many adults are afraid to speak on in public.I must warn you, we went a little off topic here and a slight yelling match but that's what happens when friends argue.Episode 3 of the No Condom Podcast we dive into the first time we realized that being a black man or woman in America has given us much different treatment than other and how we may or may not handle it. We also touch on the previous news of Monique knowing her worth and not settling for what a corporation wants to pay her for a TV special as well as if Meek Mill, Colin Kaepernick and more acted out of selflessness or selfishness.Towards the end we also touch on the unfortunate news of rapper, activist and inspiration to his community Nipsey Hussle passing in his own neighborhood to gun violence so we dedicate this entire episode to him.Tune in weekly and follow our growth as we continue this risk and give it to you raw.Follow our accounts for more updates!Instagram: Apple Podcast: No Condom PodcastSpotify: No Condom PodcastTIDAL: No Condom Podcast
  • Producer: Tha Produce Section
  • Release Date: April 2, 2019

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