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No Condom Podcast Episode 1: Wire Tap - Social Media


The No Condom Podcast is meant to bring multiple people together for a raw, unfiltered conversation around topics many adults are afraid to speak on in public. In Episode 1 "Wire Tap: Social Media," @RhysDurrell, @MartyMclaren & @ZADirect take a deep dive into the elements of social media. The crew discusses what they use social media for, do we judge first impressions off of an Instagram profile, socially awkwardness, intimacy, curating friend groups and much more. Tune in weekly and follow our growth as we continue this risk and give it to you raw. Follow our accounts for more updates! Instagram: Apple Podcast: No Condom Podcast Spotify: No Condom Podcast TIDAL: No Condom Podcast Audiomack: No Condom Podcast

  • Producer: Tha Produce Section
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