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Maradah Nothing To Lose (Hosted by Tha Advocate)


Hailing from the lone star state, Maradah, puts Texas on his back and debuts his new fiery mixtape, "Nothing To Lose", for the start of 2018. The raspy rapper enlists Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate, for hosting duties and the rest is history. Maradah is a high intensity, high energy emcee and also brings ton of creative records packed with substance and stories in this release. This is one of those mixtapes, when listening to it, feels more like an album, rather than a mixtape. This is what the streets need and echo the realm of a Scarface with a Mystikal type of combination in Maradah's influence. Maradah proves he's moving full speed ahead, with "Nothing To Lose", SPREAD THE WORD!

  • Runtime: 58 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date: