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Tgoldmania Afaila ojo

  • Album: ME (Mixed Emotions)


Singing from what seems to be a depressed state of Mind, TGOLDMANIA IS BACK AND BACK WITH A BANG. After the young artist and business entrepreneur Sudden disappearance from all his Social Media Accounts, Post and Timelines activity since over a year ago now, and his last single released dated back to February 2020. The OCHE CHE CHE Vibe-master is now fully back Online and immediately marking his return with this assured Smash hit single which he titled ‘‘AFAILA OJO’’ (ST - If only there will never be a New Day), this is a song that all real Hustlers struggling to Make a Name and Living for themselves should download and continually listen to. AFAILA OJO is a song of Hope and An Evergreen Motivational lyrics-based song. #Afailaojo #Tgoldmania #Astoldbytgoldmania #Me #Mixedemotions

  • Album: ME (Mixed Emotions)
  • Release Date: