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Terry Bright Urban Dictionary (Mastered)


Terry Bright

'Relationships Arne't Everything' Release Dec 6, 2019 Charted #6 itunes R&B album charts. Urban dictionary written by Terry Bright Urban Dictionary is like a ghetto love story. Kinda like an episode of Riverdale on CW, during the summer break you’re looking for a Secret love affair young and careless no Strings attached but when the summer break ends so does the Situationship. When your peers/people around the the community see y’all hanging together, they ask you how do you know such and such? and use terms like “we just chilled” which has so many different meaning in the Urban Dictionary and (I back track this after I wrote the song). But your feeling like you wanted more in this “relationship “ but all you get is a wyd text. Its a very sexual but emotional vibe but your attitude towar

  • Producer: Kenneth English
  • Album: Relationships Aren't Everything
  • Release Date: