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Heavy Doe KushLag Volume 1

Ever find yourself completely buzzed looking for the right blends of sound? Well, artist Heavy Doe has managed to capture the essence of the marijuana culture, and turn it into a sound of his own. He has managed to edge through Hip Hop, where many have lacked diversity and change in sound. With everything rolling into the release of his highly anticipated EP, he is set to release a mixtape on the 28th of each month as a KushLag Volume series. Also known by his peers as "Captain Hook" Heavy Doe always manages to leave you echoing a few words from at least one of his songs, he is highly skilled in creating catchy melodies and well constructed phrases. In doing so Heavy Doe has furthered solidified his musical capabilities, not only as a Rapper but as an overall artist.

  • Runtime: 42 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: