Lareez TIME

  • Album: Single


Kids raised in an average Nigerian home, the not rich not poor kind of family. Adewale and Seyi, Drift and Lars respectively are the incredible duo professionally known as Lareez, they Started music at age 16 in SS3 with a cover for “Black and Yellow” by Wizkahlifa titled “AMA Success” and ever since have been their own sponsors, getting help from some friends and so on. Today they drop their debut official track for the year 2019 “Time.” A song created with simple content to encourage every yungin’ hustling, a song to explain the strive of a young Naija boy and the Paper chasing attitude. Listen with extreme caution and a pretty nice earpiece, enjoy.

  • Producer: Lareez
  • Album: Single
  • Release Date: October 1, 2019