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Guru Jazzmatazz Vol. 5: The Classic

Street Karmah

This is it. The work I spent roughly 5 years to complete. I'm really proud of the final version of this "album", and of course it's something that I mean to be FOR FREE. It costed actual money to make. I decided to put it online for the sake of having some "fresh" Guru material out there. I used instrumentals that were mostly made by "small" producers and I give respective credit however, if you like the instrumental and would like to use it you should address him (them). Most of them have a youtube channel or soundcloud, the ones who don't are pretty well known. Producers: Big Flow, Hanto, TylerGoldChain$, Buckwild, Grafpsychof, Jazz Liberators, Mad Smoky, The, Apollo Brown, Hades Music, Dj Js-1, Easy Mo Be, Nujabes, Khrysis, Anitek, The Diplomats, Dj Kwestion & Pete Rock

  • Producer: Various.
  • Runtime: 61 minutes, 18 songs
  • Release Date: