Anthony Wasonga I'd Like To Paint You (Deluxe Edition)


Anthony Wasonga's debut album that was originally released on February 16th 2016 All Tracks Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Wasonga Guitar by Anthony Wasonga and Emmanuel Laguma Clarinet and Trumpet by Timothy Kayima Recording: -My hostel (OC) -At Home (Karen) -ID37 (special thanks to Shatzy K) -Red Line Studios, North Carolina, USA (special thanks to Travis Ross) All Tracks Written by Anthony Wasonga, except rap verses from featuring rappers *Next To You co-written by Swiga *Chelsea includes lyrics from 'Closer' by Vanessa Mdee ArtWork: Models- Redempta Mumbua and Martha Mwanza Concept by Anthony Wasonga Shot by RonArt Photography 1984

  • Producer: Anthony Wasonga
  • Runtime: 120 minutes, 26 songs
  • Release Date: