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24Skateò! HeartBreak 24 2x’


24 comes back with even more purpose on this album as he’s been soul searching. 2020 as a total has changed Skateò’s outlook on love and life in general. Through personal experiences and encounters during the year, 24 realized he has to take a different route when his heart is involved. Intro song “Time Heals” details how using the passing of time will correct and fix all wounds and past hurt. The album features the singles “Special” , “Poetic Justice Without You” and latest hit single “Ballin”. 24 wants to use his music to help encourage others and to let them know it’s alright to have emotions and feel human; There’s nothing to be ashamed of. HeartBreak 24 2x’ is the deluxe album version of the originial HeartBreak 24, but this one has different meaning and you will hear. Luv 24 4eva .

  • Runtime: 74 minutes, 24 songs
  • Release Date: