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Sess 4-5 Stayed In The Ghetto


Sess 4-5

Nuthin But Fire Records presents New Orleans, LA. based rapper and recording artist Sess 4-5. The Sinista on da Traxx provided production accompanied by Cash Money Records; Ms. Tee delivers a heartfelt ode to those that must decide between LOVE, staying and hurting, or leaving and growing. Elevation requires separation. Some people will make it out others, "Stayed In The Ghetto." This cleverly arranged track combines two New Orleans titans on a track that will leave the people wanting more. Make sure to support Sess 4-5 by following his campaign on all social networks. All Links:

  • Producer: Sinista on da Traxx
  • Album: Single - Stayed In The Ghetto (feat. Ms.Tee)
  • Release Date:

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