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Sean Dampte Don Crucifixto

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Sean Dampte

DON CRUCIFIXTO, SEAN DAMPTE AND JOEY BENKS – THE TRIO EFFECT ON DON CRUCIFIXTO ANTHEM The power of a lone singer on a track enraptures the souls of listeners and almost takes over it if care is not taken, how much more the trio effect of music makers on a song? Now is when to start praying for soul survival… The coming together of label boss, Don Crucifixto, United Kingdom’s sweetest Afrobeats singer, Sean Dampte and ever proficient producer, Joey Benks was intended to give meaning to what a real anthem is and serenade their audience all over the world. No mere song stands close to the output of this trio. The self-named track ‘Don Crucifixto’ is set to usher us into a new phase of quality entertainment both in homeland and abroad as the American-based Nigerian-owned label embarks on a to

  • Producer: joey benks
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