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Scheme Young Scheme For President (Remake)


Scheme decides to let lose of another Remake while he works on both of his upcoming projects; Pocket Full of Pesos, which will be a mixtape in its true form, mixed by DJ Scend and filled with remakes, while Pesos Turn to Dollars will be an LP with all original music. This time around Scheme takes on the "Bun B for President" instrumental and has some fun with it. This is just an early warning of the projects he has in the works. Pocket Full of Pesos (Mixtape) - Coming Spring 2013 Pesos Turn to Dollars LP - Coming Summer 2013 Young Scheme For President - Mixed by Alex Baez and Jay Vega

  • Producer: Written by Scheme | Mixed by Alex Baez and Jay Vega
  • Album: Pocket Full of Pesos (Mixtape)
  • Release Date: