Sanatu Zambang Podcast Northern Music Industry - (Then and Now)


''Our time, we did not have proper recording studios in Northern Ghana, we had to travel to Accra, and use two nights to record an album. Social media was not popular in Northern Ghana back then, however, these days a musician can release a song via social media without going to a radio station.'' - Jamal Fantaface. Our time, we made physical money through album sales. It even serves as employment for other distributors in the districts across the region. These days you release songs and people across the world get to have access to it within seconds, back then, when people abroad needed your songs, you wait until someone comes home for a visit then you burn the Cds and give it to him/her to take along. We also didn't have bloggers and the likes to write and publish stories'' G Kliff

  • Producer: Abdul Raafi Mohammed
  • Release Date: August 30, 2020