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Ruggedman Is Police Your Friend?



Ruggedman comes out with a new song and it is a super conscious track talking about the actions of some Nigeian police officers on too many youth of today that he sees as wrong. It seems some police officers assume every young man is a fraudster or cyber thief (Yahoo boy) or every young lady is a Pr0stitute. And some officers see it as normal to go outside the law by searching people’s private properties without a warrant or probable cause and even going as far as causing physical bodily harm. It is definitely a social awareness song to educate the people and the police alike on how to treat each other. The beautiful part of the song is how Ruggedman adds the voice/words of the former Lagos State Police PRO “Supol Dolapo Opeyemi Badmus” advising police & citizens.

  • Producer: Seanz Beat
  • Album: Rugged Records
  • Release Date: