ROG Music Africa No Shakes No Worries Podcast :Episode 16 Feat Fecko

  • Feat. Fecko

ROG Music Africa

Intro: Dj Babus RIP How we met back in 2005 via email/ African His first entry into the music business and being signed Working with Terry Tha Rapman and the BANS movement Miekh Harry Segue . RIP Raplogic EP Using Fecko's project as part of my School work Work with Zonefam Fecko's remixes and work with Teck-Zilla Breakdown of R.A.P 2.0 single Buddah Blaze and his influence Fecko's experimenting with other genres His animation work Fela Must Rise breakdown Fecko's podcast "Surviving Eko" Fecko and short films Fecko's debut mixtape "Control the Mic" recording session Hearing my song on the radio Fecko being on Billboard in Timesquare

  • Producer: Teck-Zilla
  • Release Date: February 19, 2021

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