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Rizzoo Rizzoo Rario World

Rizzoo Rizzoo

The emerging talent that’s being displayed in Houston has been growing tremendously within the past year to say the least. Seeing many artists from different ranges of sound, the new and bright Texans from H-Town have shined a new perspective on what it means to make music from the city. One of the key collectives that certainly champion the wave of changing the tide in Houston is The Sauce Factory. The innovators of drip and flavor has rolled out longevity in the careers of Sauce Walka and Sosamann, but the designated hitter for hooks in their camp, Rizzoo Rizzoo stamps his flag and solidifies his space with his heavily anticipated release, “Rario World”. The new 12-track release is Rizzoo’s most recent complete offering after having a very successful year dropping fire visuals and singles. Growing his sound and stretching his flexibility with his material, Rizzoo not only make

  • Runtime: 35 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: