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Ricky Banks ZeZe


Ricky Banks

ZEZE is a song about wanting to love, and find a woman with admirable qualities like “Ms Millz”. A woman not afraid to stand on her views and opinions; a woman which knows her flaws and strengths; a queen that knows she’s one and proudly wears her crown; a queen not fearful of challenges and rejection; a black woman who is unapologetically herself and loves herself before anything first. I have a big admiration for ZeZe because to some, she may be seen as having polarising opinions, however to me even then, still manages to remain true to herself and who she is whilst building herself a strong platform. I love that, I respect that and this is why I wanted to make this song about her. She is a young inspiration with qualities I believe need to be celebrated more, h

  • Producer: JD
  • Release Date: