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Radicule. & CLWDWLKR Cosmic Tombs / Gewwdtymes


"once every 200 years, an inter-dimensional tomb appears in our galaxy teeming with traps, alternate realms, & an untold treasure that has eluded humankind for generations. Lying at the core of its inner sanctum, a catacomb said to contain the remnants of an ancient, astral black civilization, filled to the brim with secrets to love, beauty, knowledge, & divinity, everlasting: Ebony Eternal. The sounds presented will be your guide." Combining dusty, astral laced beats with the sharp tongue of slur-inducing marksman of an MC, Radicule. & CLWDWLKR inject a double dose of pure euphoria through your sound system to welcome you to the first offering off of Ebony Eternal.

  • Runtime: 7 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: