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Quanna Miss Thang

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It's Miss Thang SZN. Quanna took some time off to work on her brand and movement, CarefreeBlackGirl. Now that CarefreeBlackGirl is a staple among festival stages like A3C Festival and Conference and SXSW, Quanna is ready to focus on the music. She follows up her 2015 Queenie EP with a new compilation of "Bad Bitch" bangers on Miss Thang. On the 5 track project, Quanna links with Amazin, LightUp, and frequent producer Bassline Fanaticz (Lightskin Keisha) to create a fun and exciting world of anthems. With tracks like 'Jig' and 'Got the Work', Quanna is putting her bouncy, boom bap delivery on display featuring her popular bops "Says Who" and "Big Mama".

  • Producer: Baseline Fanaticz x Lightupp
  • Runtime: 15 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: