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Put2sleep Bonge La Speech EP, Vol. 1

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Put2sleep’s debut EP Bonge La Speech V1. is a high-octane journey through East Africa’s underground hip-hop scene. In the course of 11 songs, Throneboy and Kwikwiri, the two producers who comprise the duo, host a cast of mostly Swahili rappers from across Tanzania and Kenya over the course of 11 grand trap instrumentals. It’s a glimpse into the life of an aspirant 20-something- year old hustler maneuvering within an unjust and often illogical national cultures. Rappers Brian Simba, Swahilipapi, and Vallerie Muthoni wrestle with issues like hustler’s ambition, poverty, and local posing.

  • Runtime: 32 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: