Precision Productions Fling It Back

  • Feat. R.City

In a single deafening drop of the bass line, Precision Productions is officially blasting its way into Carnival 2018 with this first release. A soul shaking number that was co-produced by the multi-talented Deli Banger. It features Caribbean fusion specialists R.City, whose vocals and raw urban lyrics add an unrepentant bite of command as they instruct listeners to "Fling It Back" in every club and fete across the globe. The tune is an inviting blend of Soca with a seductive international flavor that immediately sends hips into carnal motion. Throbbing and brazen this track is only the beginning of what the team has in store for the upcoming season. So loosen those waistlines and get your bodies Precision-ready for a musical Carnival unlike any other experienced before.

  • Producer: Deli Banger & Precision Productions
  • Release Date: September 2, 2019