Prafit Josiah God Made Me Do It

Releasing via Naz-Sect Publishing, ‘God Made Me Do It’ is a 12-track album that includes classic hip-hop elements, from production to traditional lyricism, along with a newly remastered version of Prafit’s hit song “Come Back” featuring CHH mainstay R-Swift. Prafit J is energetic; his delivery is urgent and aggressive. However, it’s on songs like Everyday Wisdom, Imagine GOD, and Dirty Secrets where Prafit J takes a more measured and laid back approach to engage his listener. Jazzy, melodic production provides the backing for what are a few of the stronger records on the project. J also shows himself a secret comedian with some of the commentary he provides, including the well put together Party Crasher interlude.

  • Runtime: 35 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: November 13, 2020