Anwar Marshall Anwar Marshall - The Most Traveled Mixtape - 2


One of the few artists to participate in The Mysterious Traveler Concert Series over five times is Anwar Marshall: A talented drummer, brilliant composer who has performed in venues all around the globe and worked with many world-class artists including Jazzmeia Horn, Dave Douglas, James Poyser, Orrin Evans, Ray Angry, Robert Glasper, Leela James, Christan McBride, and others.In this mixtape series, Anwar Marshall is featured both as a leader, as well as band member. In either case, he always brings a dynamic sense of time, an exquisite attention to detail and subtlety, as well as a rollicking playfulness that is simultaneously very, very serious. We hope by the conclusion of your listening to the great series, that you will understand why Anwar Marshall is The Most Traveled.

  • Producer: Homer Jackson & Philadelphia Jazz Project
  • Album: Anwar Marshall - The Most Traveled Mixtape - 2
  • Release Date: July 26, 2020