Vic Spencer Dick Jerkins


Vic Spencer

Yall really pissed this Chicago MC off this time. Vic effortlessly creates Dick Jerkins, a diss track sent directly to Mick Jenkins. These two artist was seen feuding during a Twitter conversation about a popular bar called East Room when Vic said "East Room is a place for re-fried groupies and niggas who stare at other niggas sneakers" and Mick took offense by saying "Vic Spencer always 'Cheddarbobbing' himself." Vic said he would 'ether Mick' musically. Then Mick went on a tyrant on Twitter saying "where are the Vic Spencer fans" and him and his fans targeted Vic for sharing his opinion. But this still wasn't enough for Vic to go to the booth and create a diss record.

  • Producer: Doc Da Mindbenda, Hanz & Vic Spencer
  • Release Date: