PatrickReza The Wall



Download + Stream: "The Wall" is the follow up song to my last release, "Tip Toe" , the first song to ever feature my own vocals. Continuing down my path of singing, and experimenting with more organic instruments and sounds, I approached the creation of "The Wall" with my perspective set as a songwriter to share my story of struggles and frustrations when relationships and experiences in life seem to go a different way than expected. On the production side, I wanted to keep a similar vibe and instrumentation to Tip Toe, tapping into my own personal experiences, raw emotions, and lyrics. I wrote The Wall for anyone that has experienced the stress and pain when it feels like life's testing you in your experiences and personal relationships and you feel like an alien from another dimension living in the wrong universe. These fleeting moments of pain, demons, and stress precede our next victories. Success is always on the razor's edge of failure. Putting my heart into the world and wearing it on my sleeve.

  • Producer: PatrickReza
  • Album: Strung Out
  • Release Date: