Mikey Dee #MetroTour Mixtape


"Mikey Dee and Dj Malcolm Xcellent went from metro stop to metro stop, set up equipment and gave the community a show. I was moved by the level of love and interest displayed by the community. People came over to shake his hand (dapped him up), shouted his name, gave him words of encouragement, blessing and just showed love. When you are giving the people something good they will respond. When you follow your dreams you will be rewarded and when you believe you will achieve." - OxyTosin The #MetroTour Mixtape is the soundtrack to the upcoming short film The MetroTour Experience featuring Mikey Dee & DJ Malcolm Xcellent. New album Math & Literature on the way.

  • Producer: DJ Malcolm Xcellent
  • Runtime: 0 seconds, 14 songs
  • Release Date: December 7, 2015