Lola Banks Life Of a Rap Bitch


Lola Banks (born January 25, 1996), better known by her stage name Lola Lo, is an American/Jamaican rapper, musician and songwriter. She’s originally from Cleveland, Ohio but resides in Atlanta, GA where she began rapping and recording with rappers such as Playboi Carti , Uno The Activist, and King Cultie in high school. Since 2012, she has released singles including Icy, Bye Felicia, and Fuck Da Fedz. She dropped an unexpected video to “Fuck Da Fedz” leading to her debut album “Life Of A Rap Bitch” days later and is due to release three more projects in 2016.

  • Producer: Breeze & Mike Larrry
  • Runtime: 42 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: April 3, 2016


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